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Why primarily women file for divorce — Main reasons in 70% of cases

Why primarily women file for divorce — Main reasons

In 70% of cases the initiator of a divorce is a woman. Why are women more likely to file for divorce? The main reasons women file for divorce.

Good day, everyone! 70% of divorces are initiated by women. For it is a woman who suffers serious limitations after starting the family, and is forced to drastically change her lifestyle. However, besides being ready to break up, she is willing to seek an intervention from a marriage counselor, when it is time to change in order to save the family. Let us figure out why women initiate the divorce. (more…)

Why a man feels offended, what’s masked behind his grudge and how to say your sorry correctly

why man is offended

Today I would like to talk about men’s grudges, what to do if your man got offended, and why he is reacting so strongly. Any argument with the right approach, can end the quarrel gracefully and provide a learning experience now as well as for the future. Using a broken strategy may impair your relationship each time you argue. (more…)

How to calm down your girlfriend: what to do and what words to use

Добрый день, дорогие мужчины! Многие из вас парализованы перед женскими слезами или не знают, как успокоить свою девушку. Мы все иногда чувствуем себя подавленными. В этот самый момент вы хотите, чтобы ваш партнер поддерживал вас, успокаивал или просто оставался рядом с вами. Давайте вместе выясним, как парень может помочь своей девушке пережить трудный момент. (more…)

Manual: What to do if your boyfriend lost interest in you. The reason men lose interest in women

Why men lose interest in a woman

When your loved one pulls away, you want by all means to improve your relationship and reignite lost passion again. Our therapist will tell you what to do if your boyfriend lost interest in you and what will help you regain it.