How to calm down your girlfriend: what to do and what words to use

Good day, dear men! Many of you get paralyzed in front of women’s tears or don’t know how to calm down your girlfriend. We all feel down sometimes. In this very moment, you want your partner to support you, calm you down, or just stay next to you. Let’s figure out together how a boyfriend can help his girlfriend get over a hard moment. (more…)

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Manual: What to do if your boyfriend lost interest in you. The reason men lose interest in women

When your loved one pulls away, you want by all means to improve your relationship and reignite lost passion again. Our therapist will tell you what to do if your boyfriend lost interest in you and what will help you regain it.

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What methods manipulative husbands use and how to effectively withstand them

Good day ladies. Not so long ago one client of mine asked me a question: “The man I love is a manipulator in our relationship, what am I to do about it?” I have realized that this is a widespread problem, so I decided to describe for you here how a manipulator sounds like, his methods and how to fight his influence. (more…)

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How a daughter can withstand her manipulative mother

Good day, everyone! Today I would like to talk about one of the most common problems in family relationships when a mother manipulates her adult daughter. I tell you at once, such a behavior is not healthy for both. Thus, if you believe you have been a victim of your mother’s manipulations, you must put a stop to the abuse and take steps to build a fair and harmonious relationship with your mother. How can you do this? (more…)

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